Muslim civilsation in Spain : the forgotten legacy

"This book is intended as a journey back in time, to a very special period in world history: from the eighth to the fifteenth century in Andalusia (Spain); where an Islamic civilisation shone, and a cultural and intellectual revolution developed. Where there was no separation between rigorous s...

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Other Authors: Kassir, Omar
Language: English
Published: London: Al-Firdous, [2009].
Edition: First edition.
Table of Contents:
  • The advent of Islam in Spain
  • The flourishing of Spain under
  • Muslim rule
  • The administration system
  • Education in Muslim Spain
  • The Muslim agricultural revolution in Spain
  • The architecture of Muslim Spain
  • Commerce and industrial progress
  • Science and scholarship in Al-Andalus
  • Astronomy
  • Medicine
  • The transfer of Muslim sciences to the west
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • The treaty of Grenada, 1492