The Fatimid Empire

"The Fatimid empire in North Africa, Egypt and Syria was at the centre of the political and religious history of the Islamic world in the Middle Ages, from the breakdown of the 'Abbasid empire in the tenth century, to the invasions of the Seljuqs in the eleventh and the Crusaders in the tw...

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Main Author: Brett, Michael, 1934-
Language: English
Published: Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, [2017].
Series: Edinburgh history of the Islamic empires
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: the question of empire
  • 1. The coming of the Mahdi?
  • 2. The city of the Mahdi?
  • 3. The conquest of Egypt
  • 4. The constitution of the state
  • 5. The formation of the empire
  • 6. A failure of direction; the reign of al-Hakim bi Amr Allah
  • 7. The regime of the Pen
  • 8. The crisis of the empire
  • 9. The Fatimid renascence
  • 10. The reorientation of the dynasty
  • 11. The final failure
  • Conclusion: the Fatimids in retrospect
  • Genealogy of Shiite Imams
  • Genealogy of Fatimids