The art of Islam

Main Author: Atasoy, Nurhan
Other Authors: Rogers, Michael, Bahnassi, Afif
Published: Paris: Text by Unesco, publication by Flammarion, c1990.
Series: UNESCO collection of representative works
Table of Contents:
  • Ch 1. Architecture in its environment
  • Ch 2. Major elements of Islamic architecture
  • Minarets
  • Domed spaces
  • Capitals, columns and arches
  • Facades, entrances, arcades, courtyards and iwans
  • Ceramic and marble revetment
  • Transitional zones in architecture
  • Screens
  • Minbars
  • Mihrabs
  • Madrasas
  • Ch 3. Masterpieces of Islamic art
  • The first golden age : The Umayyads and Early Abbasids
  • Spain, Morocco and Algeria
  • The western and central lands of the Islamic world during the high Middle Ages
  • Anatolia, the Iranian world and Central Asia in the later middle ages
  • The great empires: Timurid, Ottoman , Safavid, Mughal
  • The development of Islamic art throughout the world: Sub-Sahara, China, South-East Asia