Armenia after the coming of Islam

"This book is about Arabic, Persian, Byzantine Greek, Seljuk Turkish, Turkoman, Mongol-Tatar, and Ottoman Turkish history, all in conjuction with Armenian History."--Cover jacket

Main Author: Chalabian, Antranig
Language: English
Published: Southfield, MI: A. Chalabian, 2002.
Table of Contents:
  • Ch. 1: A religion is born
  • Ch. 2: Armenians pay a high price for not adopting Islam
  • Ch. 3: The Bagratid dynasty
  • Ch. 4: The Seljuk (Seljukid) Turks
  • Ch. 5: The Seljuks return to Armenia
  • Ch. 6: Armenians in the service of the Byzantine Empire
  • Ch. 7: The Armneian principality of Cilicia
  • Ch. 8: The Kingdom of Cilician Armenia
  • Ch. 9: The harassment of Cilician Armenia by the Mamluks of Egypt
  • Ch. 10: Cilician Armenia ruled by French-Armenian Kings
  • Ch. 11: Literature, education and the arts during the Cilician period (11th to 14th centuries)
  • Ch. 12: The situation in the eastern province