The Mongols and the Islamic world : from conquest to conversion

"An epic historical consideration of the Mongol conquest of Western Asia and the spread of Islam during the years of non-Muslim rule. The Mongol conquest of the Islamic world began in the early thirteenth century when Genghis Khan and his warriors overran Central Asia and devastated much of Ira...

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Main Author: Jackson, Peter
Published: New Haven ; London: Yale University Press, 2017.
Table of Contents:
  • Medieval Authors on the Mongols
  • The Islamic World and Inner Asian Peoples down to the Mongol Invasion
  • The Mongol Westward Advance (1218-53)
  • Apportioning and Governing an Empire (c. 1221-c. 1260)
  • Hleg's Campaigns and Imperial Fragmentation (1254-62)
  • Devastation, Depopulation and Revival in the Age of Conquest
  • The Era of Inter-Mongol Warfare
  • Pax Mongolica and a Transcontinental Traffic
  • Mediated Sovereignty : The Client Muslim Kingdoms
  • Unbelieving Monarchs and their Servants
  • The Rule of the Infidel
  • The Onset of Islamization: (a) Common Themes
  • The Onset of Islamization: (b) Royal Converts and Muslim Resurgence
  • Epilogue