01739cam a2200253 7i4500001001100000005001700011050001000028090002100038245014200059246005300201260007600254300002900330500008600359500008300445520064800528546005501176650002901231651002801260700005201288700004001340710001201380710003601392999005701428000001632020170323090000.000aDS41700aDS417 bEPI 201100aEpigraphia Indica. : bin continuation of the series Epigraphia Indo-Moslemica cArchaeological Survey of India ; edited by Z. A. Desai.3 aEpigraphia Indica Arabic and Persian supplement. aNew Delhi: bDirector General Archaeological Survey of India, cc2011. a84 p.: bill.; c30 cm.. aSupersedes Epigraphia Indo-Moslemica (3 vol. in Scholar's Library, Sp Col. 13802) aPublish in the occasion of 150th celebration of Archaeological Survey of India a"It is an occsion of great pleasure for the historians and linguists interested in Perso-Arabic Epigraphy in particular and academic circles in general that a spesial issue of Epigraphia Indica-Arabica and Persian Supplement is being published this year to mark the 150th year celebration of Archaeological Survey of India. In other words this departmental research journal devoted to critical examination and editing of Arabic and Persian inscriptions, the publication of which could not be mantained with its set periodicity for some genuine reasons, is being revived as is being done in case of Epigraphia Indica and Ancient India." Preface aText in English, with Arabic text from inscription 0aInscriptions -- zIndia  0aIndia -- xAntiquities 1 aBhandarkar, Devadatta Ramakrishna(d1875-1950) 1 aDesai, Ziyaud-Din A.,(d1925-2002) 1 aIndia. 2 aArchaeological Survey of India  a0000019119bBookcOpen CollectioneScholar's Library