Asia's old dwellings : tradition, resilience, and change

Other Authors: Knapp, Ronald G.
Published: New York: Oxford University Press, c2003.
Table of Contents:
  • Asia's diversity and Asia's dwellings: tradition, resilience, and change / Ronald Knapp
  • Himalayan dwellings: a cultural-environmental perspective / David Surick and Nanda Shrestha
  • Patterns and relationships of Indian houses / Allen G. Noble
  • The Sinhala house: landscape experience and domestic order in Kanyan, Sri Lanka / Bonnie G. MacDougall
  • Dwellings in Bangladesh / Bimal Kanti Paul
  • The Singapore shophouse: an Anglo-Chinese urban vernacular / Lee Ho Yin
  • Vietnamese dwellings: tradition, resillience, and change / Gunawan Tjahjono
  • The persistence of tradition in Laos / Colin Long
  • The evolution of the Phillipine traditional house / Agusto Villalon
  • Dwellings in Myanmar: ceremony, ritual and life / Than Than Nwe
  • The Kampong house: evolutionary history of Peninsular Malaysia's vernacular houseform / Lee Ho Yin
  • 'Ban Thai': house and culture in a transforming society / Marc Askew
  • Japan's traditional houses: the significance of spatial conceptions / Matsuda Naonori with Mogi Keiichiro
  • China's vernacular architecture / Puay-peng Ho
  • Pile-built dwellings in ethnic southern China: type, myth and heterogeneity / Xing Ruan
  • Traditional Korean settlements and dwellings / Sang-hae Lee
  • Dwellings in the steppes and deserts of inner Asia / Manu P. Sobti
  • Traditional dwellings of Afghanistan: a multiple paradox / Rafi Samizay